Father’s Day Promo Ideas and Free Poster Graphics

Father’s Day Promo Ideas and Free Poster Graphics

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Happy Father's Day - Free Graphics

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Wednesday June 8th, 2016
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Looking for something to liven up your marketing in June? 
When you think of the popular holidays that bring customers in to your store, Father’s Day might not be at the top of your list. But, according to the National Restaurant Association, Father’s Day is the third most popular holiday for people to dine out (right after Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day). With that in mind, you’ll want to do everything you can to attract families to your frozen dessert store. Read on for a few great ways to bring in more customers on Father’s Day.

Mums and Kids are your target audience on Father’s Day
It’s an easy marketing trap to fall into. It’s Father’s Day so it’s guys you need to target with your marketing. Nope. It’s mainly women and kids who are the buyers of Father’s Day gifts. They are your target audience. Gear your frozen treats marketing activities towards them and their needs. You’ll get a better take-up.

Make it easy
Dads are notoriously tricky to buy presents for. Another pair of socks anyone? Whilst mums are notoriously time-pressed and multi-tasking. Solve busy mums’ problems by clearly labeling products/services as great Father’s Day gifts. Use your imagination (so they don’t have to use theirs) to put gift combos together.
Free Posters
Get Free Posters for Father’s Day
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Simply get your graphic designer to add your logo to customize the posters or simply print these on your color printer or take it to Kinko’s, Staples, UPS Store etc. to get nice colorful posters printed for you.

More ways to promote your frozen yogurt, frozen desserts, frozen treats business for Father’s Day:
Think about the promotional message and look you want to portray for Father’s Day, then use this theme consistently across all your marketing channels.

1. Promote Father’s Day in-store
Your self-serve frozen yogurt store is free advertising space. Don’t waste it. Have eye-catching graphics in the windows and on walls, strut-cards around the store. And don’t forget your washrooms. Check out our Customer Portal athttp://www.magicalflavors.com/customerportal for high res pics and Father’s Day Posters.

2. Online marketing works well for Father’s Day
Ensure any dads’ offers and gift ideas are fully promoted on your website and Facebook page. Drive traffic to your store website pages with regular social media posts and email marketing.

3. Run a Father’s Day Facebook competition for your store
Approach appropriate local businesses – golf club, gym, sports’ event. Suggest a marketing partnership for Father’s Day with a joint prize on Facebook. You can each piggy-back on the other’s marketing channels too.

4. Offer Special Flavors 
Offer Special Flavors for Father’s Day to attract the families and Dads in your community. Root Beer, Peanut Butter and Pistachio Flavors are favorites among the dads.

5. Give them something to remember.
Whether it’s a souvenir froyo cup or a t-shirt, customers will enjoy having something to remember their special day with dad.
Father’s Day can be a big moneymaker for your frozen yogurt store. Keep these ideas in mind and see how many families you can bring in on the big day!

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