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New in 2018 Magical Colors by Magical Flavors

New in 2018

Add visual appeal to your ice cream and frozen desserts with our selection of liquid colors. You can perfect the green of pistachio ice cream, enhance the red of strawberry ice cream, or light up the blue of cotton candy ice cream. Use them as they are or mix two or more together to make your own custom ice cream color.

Available Magical Colors by Magical Flavors

Blue Color
Super Blue Color
Caramel Color
Cream Color
Yellow Egg Color
Lemon Yellow Color
Green Color
Medium Green Color
Orange Color
Red Color
Super Red Color


Introducing Frozen Dessert Classifieds, free ads for Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Frozen Dessert Industry

There is a new helpful resource for the Frozen Dessert Trade.  It is Frozen Dessert Classifieds at

Specifically made for the Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Custard, Gelato, Sorbet, Non-Dairy Soft Serve Mix, Flavor Mix, Shaved Ice and overall Frozen Dessert Industry.

Please your free ads related to the Frozen Dessert Industry or view ads from your fellow industry colleagues.

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Hot Hot Hot, Buy Soft Serve Mixes in Canada Direct Online

Good News for Canadian Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneurs,

Buy Premium Soft Serve Mixes, Ice Cream Mix, Frozen Yogurt Mix, Flavor Concentrates, Vegan Bliss Ice Cream Mix and much more.  Free shipping across Canada for orders over CAD $199 (orders less than CAD $199 will incur $15 flat fee, remote shipping locations will incur 8% Remote location Fee charge) is your Canadian Soft-Serve Portal with All Things Soft-Serve And Much More!

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latest ice cream mix news

Rolled Ice Cream Mix Wholesale

We have seen growth and popularity of Thai Style Rolled Ice Cream or Ice Cream Rolls in the USA, Canada and Europe.  It is also known as Thai Fried Ice Cream Rolls.  We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about Rolled Ice Cream Mix.  Yes we carry Rolled Ice Cream Mix.  It is superb, flavorful and very creamy.  If you have an existing Rolled Ice Cream business or you are in the process of starting a new Rolled Ice Cream store, be sure to check out our rolled ice cream mix pricing and shipping information.  Visit us at and ask for Rolled Ice Cream Mix catalog.  Thank you!

Rolled Ice Cream
Rolled Ice Cream

Shaved Snow Ice is the new ice cream

Call it Snow Cream, Snow Ice, Shaved Snow or Shaved Ice it all refers to the most awesome frozen treat that has a smooth, velvety texture and is often topped with fresh fruits. Shaved Snow is similar to Taiwanese Shaved Ice and many countries around the globe have similar “snow ice” frozen desserts with the major difference between them being the choice of toppings added to the ice.

Hawaii woman eating Hawaiian shave ice
Snow Ice, Shaved Ice, Snow Cream or Taiwanese Shaved Ice now in Canada!

B2B Soft-Serve Mix Portal Canada

Announcing Canada’s first B2B Wholesale Soft Serve Mix Online Portal in Canada selling ice cream mix, frozen yogurt mix, sorbet mix, gelato mix, non-dairy mix, vegan mix and all things soft serve.  Check it out at

Supplier of YDC Soft Serve Mix, Dole Soft Serve Mix, Frostline Soft Serve Mix, Frosty Boy Soft Serve Mix and other top brands of ice cream and frozen yogurt mix. Selling over 200 soft serve Magical Flavours to create on-demand flavours.

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