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New in 2018 Magical Colors by Magical Flavors

New in 2018

Add visual appeal to your ice cream and frozen desserts with our selection of liquid colors. You can perfect the green of pistachio ice cream, enhance the red of strawberry ice cream, or light up the blue of cotton candy ice cream. Use them as they are or mix two or more together to make your own custom ice cream color.

Available Magical Colors by Magical Flavors

Blue Color
Super Blue Color
Caramel Color
Cream Color
Yellow Egg Color
Lemon Yellow Color
Green Color
Medium Green Color
Orange Color
Red Color
Super Red Color


Green Flavors for St. Patrick’s Day by Magical Flavors

Make It Green For St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Magical Flavors’ Luck of the Irish Cream, Shamrock Pistachio and Irish Mint (made with Plain/Vanilla and Creme de mint flavor) sounds great for St. Patrick’s Day offering.

Get your free St. Patrick’s Day poster graphics at our Customer Portal (please view folder 5, sub-folder 5g).  Thank you!

St. Patrick's Day Green Flavors 2016